About GCGI

The GCGI Journal is the official scholarly journal of the international organization know as Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative.

Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative was founded in 2002 at an international conference in Oxford, United Kingdom. The GCGI is a leading progressive think tank, producing cutting-edge research and innovative policy ideas for a just, democratic and sustainable world. For over the last 12 years, GCGI has helped to shape  much of the progressive thinking that is emerging in the world. Independent and transformative, we are committed to combating inequality, empowering citizens, promoting social responsibility, creating a sustainable economy, ecological harmony, and revitalising democracy. Best known for our influential work on Globalisation for the Common Good, Business Ethics& Corporate Social Responsibility, Value-led Economics and Business Education, Interfaith Dialogue and Dialogue amongst Civilisations and more. We now have significant cooperative projects with a number of universities, think tanks and civil societies in many countries around the world. GCGI’s media program and its influential online Journal, Journal of Globalisation for the Common Good, was at first hosted at Purdue University, It has since its inception in 2005 made significant contributions in furthering progressive goals in education, politics, social thought, and media policy. In the Fall of 2014 the Journal was re-established as Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative Journal and is now hosted at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio.