Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative Journal (GCGI Journal)

ISSN 2377-2794

Welcome to the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative Journal (GCGI Journal)

The GCGI Journal is the official publication of the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative based in the United Kingdom.

The unique aim of GCGIJ, the journal of the GCGI, in working towards building a better world consistent with the values of social justice, peace and ecology, is to help close the gap between theory and practice, and between theorists and practitioners. The GCGIJ will publish scholarly essays that integrate rigorous thinking about basic principles and theories of the common good and globalization, into discussions of practical issues related to policy developments, social pressures and change, global institutional arrangements and structures, the conduct of important international actors, and other cultural, ecological, economic and systemic patterns and trends.

Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative Journal (GCGIJ) is dedicated to promoting the inclusion of ethical, moral and spiritual values into the areas of economics, commerce, trade and international relations, in order to advance understanding and action.  GCGIJ seeks to identify and propose collaborative policy solutions on the major global issues and challenges by civil society, private enterprise, the public sector, governments, and national and international institutions. We are committed to the idea that the marketplace is not just an economic sphere, ‘it is a region of the human spirit’. We view the problem and challenge of globalisation not only from an economic point of view, but also from a diversity of ethical, spiritual, theological and humanist currents and perspectives. Globalization for the common good is predicated on a global economy of sharing and community, grounded in an economic value system whose aim is generosity and the promotion of a just distribution of the world’s goods, services, natural resources, and wealth, while leaving room for other species to thrive as well.

 *Frequency: GCGIJ is published bi-annually (spring and fall), each issue attempts to focus on a particular theme, topic, or region of the world while remaining open to any submission which deals with any of the core values of the GCGI.

*Subscription: GCGIJ is available to interested individuals free of charge (open access).

*Sponsorship: GCGIJ is hosted at Department of Economics, Wilmington College of Ohio, USA.

*Affiliation: GCGIJ is the official publication of Globalization for the Common Good Initiative ( ), based in the United Kingdom, and is affiliated to Wilmington College of Ohio, USA.

We believe in a genuinely inclusive inter-cultural and inter-faith/spirituality dialogue, as well as a multi and interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.  A dialogue based upon co-operation and mutual respect, is essential in bringing the world together; enhancing intercultural understanding, and leading to the creation of a harmonious global environment. Such efforts will contribute to a world of peace, justice and true prosperity for all.

We look forward to your contributions to GCGIJ and assistance in recommending this publication to your interested friends, colleagues and students.


Steve Szeghi, PhD
Professor of Economics
Wilmington College,
Wilmington, Ohio
United States of America

Kamran Mofid, PhD
Founder and Director
Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative
United Kingdom



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